6 Ways to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

Small homes are all the rage right now, with many people moving to simplify their lifestyle and cut back on costs and maintenance. Small homes require less upkeep, are less expensive, and more energy-efficient. If you do live in a smaller home there are many things you can to do make your home FEEL bigger, while still maintaining all the benefits of a small home.
1.   Floor-to-ceiling shelves: These shelves are perfect for smaller homes because not only do they draw the eye upwards, they keep clutter off the floor and the room they’re in will look much bigger.
2.   Use small, or no window curtains: Heavy window coverings tend to make rooms feel even smaller. Avoid clunky drapery and stick to lightly-colored, soft fabric curtains that don’t extend past the window frame.
3.   Multi-functional furniture: By getting creative with your furniture you’ll save space and add functionality. Try a bed with storage underneath or a drop-leaf table for easy ways to create a lot of extra storage without taking up space.
4.   Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light in such a way that they really open up any room they’re in and make it feel much bigger. Find creative and unique looking mirrors for a great way to create the illusion of space, while adding a lot of style as well.
5.   Prevent clutter: Little bits of clutter have a way of building up to big ones that take up a lot of room. Set aside ten minutes of every day to de-clutter, and it’ll save you from having to spend hours, or even days, from de-cluttering later on.
6.   Paint in light colours: Light colours make spaces look bigger and, like mirrors, help reflect light around the room. Light-coloured walls are also easier to find furniture that matches, so it’s a win-win!
These tips are useful no matter what size of home you have and they don’t require breaking the bank to utilize them.  Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect home – no matter which size you choose!

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