Misconceptions About the Suburbs

The ‘burbs often get a bad rap. A lot of people, specifically young adults, are left with the impression of the boring and sleepy suburbs depicted in the 1950s. Today, the suburbs are anything but boring. In fact, most people would say they’re booming! In this blog post, we’ll debunk outdated misconceptions about the suburbs and prove why more and more people are flocking to them!
1. You’ll Be Far Away From Everything
Many people who live in urban areas are hesitant to move to the suburbs because they fear they won’t be in close enough proximity to their regular activities. But luckily for them, many companies are now catering to the suburbs by building their businesses in small, inner-community shopping centres. These businesses include boutiques, health food stores, gyms, and yoga studios. By moving to the suburbs, these places might actually end up being more conveniently located for you than they were downtown!
2. They Aren’t “Cool”
A lot of people would say that the suburbs are now actually very cool, as they provide a more spacious and relaxing environment than urban areas will. Many restaurants and hotspots are now choosing to open in the middle of a suburban community to get young, modern families to flock to them. Homes in suburbia also offer more opportunities for design and architecture, thanks to bigger homes and yards.
3. You’ll Lose Touch
This couldn’t be more wrong. Think of the suburbs as a year-long block party. In the suburbs, you’re likely to walk out of your front door to see your neighbours are also outside, and you’re bound to create relationships with them. Because the suburbs often have many parks and neighborhood-gathering areas you’ll have the opportunity to meet many like-minded friends – for you AND your family! And one more great thing about the suburbs? When you need a break from socializing, you can head to your spacious back-yard for some alone time!
Another thing to keep in mind is that crime rates in suburban areas are almost always lower than they are in urban areas. This may provide greater peace of mind to you and your family. And, if you’re an avid swimmer or beachgoer, many suburban communities are conveniently placed around lakes that are will provide endless fun!
There are benefits to living in urban areas, just as there are to living in suburban areas. It’s important that you decide what you value most in your home and neighbourhood before you make a purchase. This post is meant to help make that decision and purchasing process just a little bit easier for you!

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